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Wellness is personal.
Get community support, self-guided programs made by experts and practical tools you need to build your mental wellness. Everyone needs different things to heal and practice self-love, and we’re here to help you figure out what works for you.
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A community of people on their wellness journey willing to support one another.
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5 engaging self-guided programs with actionable content with worksheets.
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Only the first 20 people can join!
Who is this for?
If you’re looking to improve your mental wellness, seeking support from a tight-knit, supportive community away from the public-eye of social media, craving tools and actionable resources to transform your wellness journey, or someone looking to change their life and become the best version of yourself, this is for you.
How much is this?
You can choose from two options:
  • - $30/month.
  • - $15/month if you provide a written and video testimonial after 30-days.
How does this work?
This all takes place in Discord Join here.
Will this really help me?
We believe there are 3 pillars essential to creating lasting change in your life.
  1. Community
  2. Compassion
  3. Consistency
You need a community of helpful and motivated people who can uplift you and provide trustworthy, reliable support when you need it. You need compassion from yourself and others for healing, growth and overcoming hardship in your life. And last, but not least, you need consistency and accountability to ensure you’re taking the right steps to make lasting change in your life and build the right habits. We provide all 3 and we want to empower you on your wellness journey!
Important disclaimer: I’m Here & Care is a community and resource. This is NOT a replacement for professional counseling or health care. If you have any healthcare-related questions, please see your healthcare provider. Your safety matters!
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?
Yes, if you’re not satisfied with your experience, you can email rohit@imhereandcare.com within the first 30-days and we will give you your money back.
Why should I sign up now?
Currently we are limiting sign-ups to the first 20 people. Being the first to sign-up not only means you get personalized attention and the power to influence the foundation of this community, but also, accessing all this with a limited-time low price, so join now and don’t miss out!

Our Story

I was in a dark place dealing with a deep depression and tried ending it all. After that, I shared my experiences online to feel less alone.

I received a comment from a girl on the verge of ending her life. Thankfully, I was able to stop her. I then started sharing positive and inspiring messages online because I know we aren't the only people going through this. These stories built a loving community around wellness and I'm Here And Care evolved into the movement it is today.

Our generation is experiencing a mental health crisis like never before. With rising suicide rates, depression and anxiety skyrocketing, the future of humanity and our wellbeing is at stake. We are here to change that.

It is our mission to bring wellness to everyone because now it is more important than ever. Our vision is to create a world where everyone is loved, supported, heard and understood.

Join our family and we will heal together.

You have value and you are not alone.

- Rohit Tigga, Founder & CEO, I’m Here And Care